Cat: Valerie

It’s about time I write about a cat again! Here is a sweet cat,
Valerie is a lover cat and would like to be the only pet in the house. She loves indoor and outdoor depending on the weather. She would do best with a low activity home.



Trapper is a playful pup who loves to learn and experience new things. Trapper gets along with other dogs but not sure about cats or kids. If he does go with another dog a meet and greet would benefit him.  He does keep his kennel clean at the shelter.

Dog: JD

JD is a senior dog at 11 years old, he needs a low activity home so he can chill and can be with any age of kids. JD is very well crate trained and great with other dogs but not cats. He would love to go with someone caring.

Chance and Belle: Adopted/Gone

Dogs: Chance and Belle

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Chance is a older dog, who is very sweet and playful lab who loves playing in the snow with his friend Belle. He can do well with dogs, older kids and possibly cats. Need meeting with another canines companions, but would like to go to a house with his best friend Bella.

Bella is older dog as well at 12 years old, but still loves to play with her friend Chance. She loves to be outside and keeps her kennel really clean at the shelter.

Chance and Bella would really like to be adopted with her friend Chance. They have been at the shelter since 1/22/19.